How to transform your Balcony!

Having a Balcony can be the perfect extension to any apartment or house, it allows you to escape the indoors without the need to leave the privacy of your own home, sounds great right?

However, we know that whether you’re working with a larger or smaller space, it can be hard to know what to do with it and can make you feel overwhelmed!

Well we’re here for you - We have come up with some simple changes and additions that can help you transform your balcony into a relaxing area where you can breathe in the fresh air and feel comfortable.


Mini grow garden:

Many small balconies are still big enough for you to create your very own vegetable or flower garden.

Being the perfect spot to get plenty of sunlight and easily accessible, you can bring the outside in, giving you that freedom to create your very own mini garden if you wish.

Whether you choose to do this through mounted or raised planters, grow boxes or filling your space with potted plants, vegetables or herbs.

See what you could grow!


Add a relaxing seating area:

If you’re wanting to use your balcony as an area to sit and relax or sunbathe even, then having a seating area is important.

You could opt for built-in seating which will help save on space whilst giving you that desired lounging area!

If you feel like giving yourself a DIY project you can always try making your own seating area from Timber, giving you that freedom to make it your own.

Take a look at our different timber options that you could use here.


If you have a roof over your balcony, you could think about a hanging chair which would be the perfect chic addition to your space or if you have walls on either side, try installing a hammock! (Who doesn’t love a hammock?)

Another stylish but simple addition could be a chic lounge chair that’ll allow you to move indoors for more space if you need, whilst also allowing you room for guests. If you’ve got a smaller space, foldable furniture would be a life saver for you.

All of these can add real character to your balcony whilst elevating how you use it!


Light up your space:

Spending time on your balcony on a summery evening or even on a brisk night, it can be the perfect way to end your day, so make sure you’ve got it lit up!

For easy-to-fit lighting that you could easily do yourself which are also perfect for a balcony is our Ellumiere garden lighting!

If you’re wanting to illuminate a certain section or corner of your area, the Bollard lights would be ideal for you.

You can screw these down to any wood or composite decking whilst also staying stylish and bold, making your life easier!

Try a more minimalistic look with Decking lights which, much like the Bollard lighting, you can easily insert into any deck materials, as well as tiles! This gives you the same result but allowing you more space, marvellous for those working with a smaller space.

Additionally, you could also go for Spotlights, which can be spiked into planters or used to light up your plants! With every system being simple to fit and compact, they would be a great add on for any balcony.

However, if you’re wanting something softer focus, then outdoor fairy lights, lanterns, or tea-lights would be perfect. You could hang them from the ceiling, walls or spread them around the balcony edge!


 Outdoor dining:

If you were wanting to use this area as an extension on your Kitchen then you can bring your dining area outside!

Got a larger space to play with? You could have an outdoor dining table with chairs that’ll fit the whole family and allows you to spend your lovely meals in a different setting.

Even if you have a smaller space, you could add a small but elegant table!

You’ll still be able to enjoy your breakfast in the open air whilst adding that extra element to your space.


Any of these small changes could transform the feel of your Balcony - Allow it to become that wonderful escape from the four walls of the indoors whilst being an asset to your home!

We can help you with many of these aspects to transform your balcony, whether it’s easy-to-fit lighting, Timber or Timber decking or Composite Decking, contact your local branch for assistance.

The above artical was published on 9th June 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.