Interior Colour Paint Trends in 2020!

Changing the colour of your walls in your home can be such an effective revamp to your space and it can be an easy way to keep your interior on trend and fresh!

Whether you’re looking for your Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, or even your hallway – We’ve collated the top Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2020 to give you that inspiration you need that would be perfect for any room.


Natural Green - 

You’ll see a lot more Green within homes this year, with stripped back earthy colours coming through. This colour is seen to be the most popular colour for 2020 where that desire to bring the outside in, has increased.

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is named Tranquil Dawn – Inspired by the morning sky, it is a soft-green hue that will give your home that ‘human touch’. Being a combination of soft green, grey and blue, Dulux believe this reflects a ‘fresh start’ for your home.

You can easily use this colour trend to layer your home with neutral shades and create a colour scheme you can extend to every room.

This can give your home a very minimalistic feel and can set the tone for what mood you want your home to resonate.


Soft Pink -

Using Pink in the home can be that pop of colour you need to add depth and style to your walls, giving any room an extra detail.

Look for shades of pink that are more pastel and dusty as they are perfect for pairing with other colours whilst keeping the earthy, natural trend that is 2020.

Leyland Trade Paint have got a perfect pink selection for this – Try their Powder Blush colour option, it can be that fresh pop of colour that would be perfect to pair with furniture and smaller details of your home.

If you’re brave enough, you could even try painting your ceilings with this colour as it can add dimension and contemporary qualities to your home whilst keeping that neutral, effortless feel!


Calming Blue -

Blue has always been popular within interiors and it is making a comeback. Blue is known for calming, fresh but also stable feels which makes it incredibly favoured as a colour option.

You could try going for a Lighter Sky Blue that will add that brightness and coastal feel and you could pair this with the natural green colour shades that are also on trend creating the perfect balance.

If you were wanting more of a deeper, darker shade of blue to add a more dramatic colour scheme – Take a look at Dark Sky by Johnstone’s! Perfect to pair with a lighter tone to add some depth into your interior.


Classic White -

Using White on walls can often be seen as a very sleek and clean option or it can be a nightmare with mess but you will see white on white coming back!

You can use off white tones to accompany each other differentiating between walls or rooms but this modern, bright colour is great to make spaces feel bigger.

Being a versatile colour, white is a perfect base shade if you want to have a statement wall or to add pops of colour throughout your home.


All of these Interior Paint Colour trends can work well within any home whether in a smaller or larger space and it can be exactly what your walls need to give yourself that well needed revamp!

Here at Sydenhams we are a leading stockist of Johnstone’s, Leyland & Dulux Trade interior paint brands and we are able to offer a paint mixing service at selected branches.

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The above artical was published on 10th June 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.