Paint Colour Trend Predictions for 2022

Current trends in interior paint colours seem to be turning back towards nature, introducing green and warm earthy tones. For next year, we think this connection to the natural world is only going to become stronger. 2022 will be about creating cosiness and optimism within our homes. Keep reading to see what our paint predictions for next year are…

Sage Green

This grey-green shade is known to have calming qualities, reflecting balance and harmony and creating a contented home. If you’re looking to reinforce your connection with nature and inspire personal growth, this colour is for you! It looks its best when paired with a crisp white. As well as this, you don’t have to use it for your walls, you could instead decorate your space with sage green furniture.

Hemlock by Johnstone's

Amphibious Green by Johnstone's

Earthy Tones

This category encompasses everything green and more – deeper, mid-strength tones such as leafy green or emerald green. Painting your walls this colour can create a cohesive and comforting space, as well as serving as a statement piece. Incorporate serenity into your home with earthy tones, and again pair them with a cream or crisp white.

Citron Shades

We all know that yellow can be considered an old fashioned colour to have in your home. However, these buttery tones can energise any space, giving off an uplifting and cheerful aura. Bring yellow into your space to create an optimistic feeling. For a statement piece, introduce a pop of blue or fuschia into the furniture.

Lemon Pie by Dulux

Twilight Cinders by Dulux

Deep Aubergine

The most charming characteristic of deep aubergine is its almost-black hues with a very subtle purple overtone. This rich shade hints sophistication and warmth, creating a sense of intimacy and comfort, and works especially well in a bedroom. This prediction links back to our need for cosiness and a feeling of being sheltered.

Warm Neutrals

Bold but balanced, warm neutrals are known to be versatile, suiting a variety of interior designs. Sandy beige colours and red undertones are comforting and thought to be inspired by rural landscapes. The best part about this colour group is that it serves as a base to introduce a pop of colour into the room and radiates harmony.

Brandy cream by Johnstone's

Bright Skies by Dulux

Bright Skies

We’d be ignorant if we didn’t at least mention Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2022, Bright Skies. Illustrative of a clear sky, it symbolises optimism and a promising future. The shade in particular is light and airy, brightening any room it is incorporated into.

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The above article was published on 4th November 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.