The Kana Tank Brush Receives European Patent

Guest Blog by Ciret Ltd

 Ciret are proud to announce that we have the official European Patent for the unique brush technology of our innovative and revolutionary “Premier Kana Tank brush”.


What makes the Tank Brush unique?

The Tank brush was specifically developed to hold more product than an average brush, resulting in reduced painting time and allowing for more cost-effective working.

Its innovative 2 in 1 design combines a natural bristle core or “inner tank” with a superb 100% synthetic outer bristle coat. Consequently, it can cover up to 30% more surface area with just one dip whilst leaving a perfect, fine and smooth finish on a wide range of materials.

An ergonomically designed wooden handle offers more comfort for the user, increases efficiency and enhances your work quality. The premium swell-resistant plastic ferrule makes the brush perfect for use with any woodstain or varnish.

Available in 1”, 2” and 3”, the Kana Tank brush is unique in the marketplace.

Our ROTA!, Kana, masq and prep brands have been developed to provide professional solutions for every part of the decorating process; from initial preparation, right through to the finishing touches, on both interior and exterior projects.

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The above article was published on 10th of March 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.