Top Features House Buyers Want


While the housing market is competitive between buyers, it’s also similarly competitive between sellers. Therefore, getting ahead of the competition is crucial when putting your house on the market. Regardless of how experienced the buyer is, these following features are sure to speed up the selling process…

A Trendy Kitchen

Sheraton Nouveau Indigo Blue

Silestone by Cosentino Loft Camden

Kitchen and dining areas are a large part of our living space and therefore an important deciding factor for buyers. In most cases they will be willing to compromise on parts of the house that they don’t like so much if the kitchen is new and trendy.

This includes looking at installing amenities such as a kitchen island to make it a more social space; luxury work surfaces; and cutting edge appliances such as a Quooker tap or a NEFF double built-in oven.

If you’re interested in seeing what your kitchen would look like after a renovation, we offer a free design service in our Kitchen & Bathrooms Showrooms.

A Well-Designed Garden

Pavestone Porcelain Alfresco

Ellumiere outdoor lighting

House buyers almost always look for an outdoor living space for entertaining, especially post-lockdown. One of the features of a well-designed garden is a well-kept lawn. To make your lawn more easily manageable too, you can lay artificial grass. This means your lawn will look smart all the time and require less watering.

Drawing from the idea that more and more people are being inspired by outdoor entertaining, a paved patio area is often very attractive to potential buyers. This is due to their versatile nature – they can be used for al fresco dining, pergolas, fire pits. In fact, having various entertaining spots within the garden is a stylish feature that is becoming more sought after. Installing a patio is a good way to separate your garden space and add value to your home.

To give your garden a luxurious feel, consider installing outdoor lighting. While it may not hugely influence the value of the house, it adds something a little different to the property and therefore will only strengthen potential buyers’ opinions. Ellumiere sell simple yet beautiful lights that will enhance your garden’s evening atmosphere, and you can buy them through us!

Utility Room

People are persuaded by a house with plenty of storage space, especially when it’s presented as a laundry room or utility room. It can be so easy to accumulate clutter over the years, thus having a room for this clutter to be stored is deemed useful. As well as this, installing a utility room down the line would be difficult and expensive, so buying a house already fitted with one will turn many buyers’ heads.

Luxury Flooring

Murlo Palio Clic

Woodpecker Harlech Smoked Oak

Good quality flooring that has not been scratched or stained can have quite an impact on the buyer’s sentiment of your house. Whether it’s Pavestone’s internal porcelain tiles, Woodpecker’s wooden flooring, or Palio by Karndean vinyl flooring, we sell flooring for every style and function.

While traditional wooden flooring is the most attractive to home buyers, any undamaged and good quality flooring indicates that your house is generally well looked after and in good condition.

General Cleanliness

Sheraton Nouveau Indigo Blue

Following on from that point, an increasing number of prospective buyers expect a high standard of cleanliness when viewing a house. Cleaning and decluttering your property is not always enough. Houses are less likely to feel dirty if they are fitted with up-to-date appliances and new flooring. Even a new lick of paint will make the house look well-maintained.

All these features create a prospective buyer’s dream home. After all, they probably create your dream home too!


If you are interested in any of the products that have been mentioned, please contact your local Sydenhams Timber Merchants’ branch or one of our Kitchen & Bathroom showrooms. We will do our best to help you!


The above article was published on 29th July 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.