3 Kitchen Trends happening in 2020 - Everything your family home will need!

A new decade is here, so let’s get you and your home ready with a new year of Kitchen Trends! The Kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home - especially when you have a family. Every Kitchen should transmit warmth for those family meals or Sunday roasts, whilst being practical for everyday life.

We are here to make your life easier - these trends will help transform your Kitchen in 2020, from new decorative details to appliance advances, we have whittled it down to the top 3 trends you want to know!

Subtle Storage –

Now here is a great trend that will transform the organisation of your Kitchen whilst keeping it looking minimal. For any home, especially one with children running around, you need to be able have plenty of storage to avoid the everlasting clutter build up.

With storage walls, you have the combination of having open and hidden elements that allow you to showcase your Kitchen gems and accessories - whilst also keeping the area clean and free, allowing you to find a place for any item you desire!

Whilst open plans are a contemporary addition to any Kitchen, the combination of both is ideal to gain more modern elements.

You’ll also be seeing handleless cabinets with push-open storage coming through, bringing a seamless look to your Kitchen and giving the simplicity your home needs to focus on the details.

This is one trend that will improve any family home, giving you that functional but modern aesthetic!


Diverse Materials –

One trend that we are excited for is this new wave of using a mixture of materials within Kitchens. Whether it be for your cabinets or for your walls - using a mix of raw, metal, patterned, vibrant materials will be seen more and more.

In the coming year, you'll see a rise in metal insertions, metallic shines, moving away from more classic, traditional materials used in the Kitchen.

No longer will you see only white-painted finished Kitchens now being replaced by Marble, Laminate, Concrete and Ceramic materials, your Kitchen will love this change to a more industrial feel.

Combining bold materials and pops of colour with more natural colours; which are making a comeback - you will find it makes a more cohesive finish when pairing with these types of materials. These natural colours will become governed by darker shades of browngrey and black adding a strong element of elegance and rich tones to your homely Kitchen.


Lighting your Kitchen –

Lighting your Kitchen has to be one of the most important elements - being able to see everything clear and well is vital when cooking, cleaning, and sustaining a safe, family environment.

It can add creative elements to your space as well as important improvements to visual clarity which will help shape your perfect kitchen; personally and functionally.

What you will see happen in 2020 is an increase in Pendant Lighting, Internal illumination with more geometric shapes using natural materials. Having more internal illumination within Kitchen cupboards, and Storage will give a modern, yet minimalist finish.

As Lighting sets the mood and atmosphere of any space, making sure you pick the perfect Colour and Brightness is as important as anything else and using these trends together can make a beautiful finish to a kitchen.

This use of adjustable brightness and adventurous colours of lighting within the kitchen is a trend you will see happening more - adding tasteful, creative and fun elements to any parts of the home and more importantly would be loved by any family.

All of these amazing trends will help kick start your new Kitchen and we are here to help. We have 7 Showrooms around the South with designers waiting for you to bring these trends to life – Let’s start 2020 right, pop in today for your free Kitchen design!