A Guide to NEFF Hobs

Do you love cooking as much as we do? With a range of hobs to suit every cook, NEFF will have you making the most of your culinary experience! Choose from gas, ceramic, induction, vented or domino hobs, and even enhanced controls, such as FlameSelect® and TwistPadFire®, to inspire your creative cooking side. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know...

Gas Hob

Gas hobs are perfect for a traditional-style kitchen and, with easy control over flame strength, are great for flexible cooking techniques. While they’re typically 60cm wide, NEFF sells their gas hobs at 60cm, 75cm and 90cm wide, with 4 different designs to choose from. Further to this, they’re equipped with an array of cooking features to make cooking easy and enjoyable. Check out these features and designs you could have:-




  • FlameSelect® - precise adjustment of the flame in 9 steps/easy control over flame strength
  • Dual Flame System – for high temperatures when cooking large quantities
  • Pan Supports
  • Sword Knobs – knobs that allow for easy operation of cooker with aesthetic design
  • 7-Segment Display with Residual Heat Indicator – digital display to show remaining heat
  • Wok Burner


  • Ceramic Glass Surface – easy-to-clean, but take care not to scratch the surface when doing so.
  • Stainless Steel Surface – sophisticated design, although tougher to clean
  • Tempered glass surface – easy-to-clean and gives more support to cast iron cookware
  • Coating – black enamel, white enamel

Ceramic Hob

Electrically powered, NEFF ceramic hobs have ‘heating zones’. These contain coiled metal elements under a layer of ceramic glass which are warmed up when the hob is turned on. Ceramic hobs are easy-to-clean due to their smooth surface and are also more affordable than induction hobs, which makes them a favourite in family homes. However, they tend to be slower to heat up than induction or gas and don’t distribute heat as evenly. NEFF sells ceramic hobs at a width of 30cm (domino), 60cm or 80cm, giving you plenty of sizing options and is available in beautiful black ceramic glass. Additionally, it has some interesting features:-




  • Touch Control
  • Power Boost – optimized power level function
  • Sword Knobs – knobs that allow for easy operation of cooker with aesthetic design
  • Roasting Zone – when using a roaster, this automatically switches on

Induction Hob

Induction hobs and ceramic hobs are, at a glance, extremely similar – they both have a layer of ceramic glass with ‘heating zones’. However, the difference between the two is rooted in the way that they emit heat. An induction hob uses powerful, high frequency electromagnets that heat the pan itself rather than the hob, and the changes in heat are instantaneous. Some of NEFF’s induction hobs are installed with an iinnovative ntegrated ventilation system, which frees up more space in your kitchen. This range features sizes: 30cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, and 90cm in width - even more choice!




  • Touch Control
  • TwistPadFire® – a removable, magnetic control dial that allows you to accurately control the temperature on each of the heating units
  • TFT Display – Cooking control display with easy-to-grasp symbols
  • Induction – the heat is produced in the cookware itself for precise cooking
  • Flex Induction – place your pan anywhere within the flex zone and heat them exactly where they stand
  • Combi Induction – 2 individual heating zones can become one large heating zone with evenly distributed heat
  • Extended Flex Induction – an extra flex zone, perfect for larger pots
  • Panoramic Induction – space for 3 pots side by side
  • Automatic Air Sensor – the extractor fan is automatically adjusted to match the kitchen’s needs
  • Power Boost – optimized power level function
  • Power Move – the flex zone has 3 heating zones – boiling at the front, simmering in the middle and warming at the back
  • Power Transfer – if you shift the cookware, the cooking settings follow it to its new spot
  • Home Connect – connect your home appliances to your phone and access them remotely
  • Cooking Assistant – provides the right temperature and cooking time for a specific dish
  • Frying Sensor – monitors and maintains the desired temperature

Features Exclusive to Vented Hobs

  • High Extraction Rate
  • Reduced Noise
  • Space-Saving Installation – room for pull-out drawers underneath the hob

Domino Hob

A domino hob is a term given to a small rectangular hob with 2 cooking spaces, making them very effective in small spaces - perfect for a flat or studio apartment. Due to their nature, they allow for a greater specialisation in cooking techniques. NEFF offer two gas domino hobs, one induction domino hob, an electric domino hob and a Teppan Yaki hob, which is a Japanese cooking technique. The features that are provided with each of these domino hobs are associated with the range of hobs they are part of, such as induction, so we won’t confuse you by listing more features – just check them out on the website here!

Vented Hob

As we’ve already mentioned, some hobs have pre-installed integrated ventilation systems, which means you can say goodbye to your noisy extractor fan! These vented hobs are all induction hobs too, so come with all the advantages of an induction hob and more. These hobs come with features such as a high extraction rate, automatic air sensor, reduced noise, and space saving installation. 

If you like the sound of any of these appliances, we are here to help. All of our showrooms are NEFF Masterpartners - nobody knows NEFF better than us! Please get in contact with your local showroom for more information.


The above article was published on 2nd September 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.