Creating Colourful Kitchens with Sheraton

Now here is a home interior trend we can get on board with! We all have favourite colours, different opinions on what certain colours represent and studies show that certain colours can genuinely influence your mood.

The kitchen is a room that we spend a lot of time being creative in, a place where the whole family congregates and perhaps even the busiest space in our homes, so when we’re designing, decorating or renovating a kitchen why don’t we use more colour?

With ‘maximalism’ sweeping through the interior design world, it's no surprise that we're finally getting to see kitchens with a colourful twist and our suppliers Sheraton are here to help us embrace colour at home!

This year Sheraton introduced 4 new colours to their range, they now have 22 painted colours to choose from as well as their 19 door styles, meaning you really can create a kitchen that is truly unique to you and your style!

1. If You're Going For a Statement...

If you’re looking to be a bit different and out there when renovating your kitchen then opt for Turquoise, Blush or Heather.

We’re often afraid to go for bright colours at home, in fear that we will only like them for a short period of time but paired with the right accent colours, they look classic and timeless.


2. If You’re After Calm and Serenity… 

If you want colours that’ll introduce feelings of zen when you’re in the kitchen then shades Cove Blue, Spitfire Blue and Botanical Green are the ones for you. These colours are all new to Sheraton this year, beat the crowds when it these tones.

3. If You Want Neutral but Are Tired of Creams and Beige…
Go for grey! Grey is a trending interior colour we’ve seen in peoples home for many years now, so much so it’s become part of the neutral’s palette. It’s calming, goes with everything qualities make it the perfect colour for any room, especially a kitchen.

This is just a selection of available colours from our supplier Sheraton; come into your nearest showroom and speak with our staff; they'll be happy to walk you through all the tones and provide expert advice on accent and worktop colours as well.

The above article was published on 15th of August 2022, and is subject to change and further guidance.