Everything You Need to Know for Your Brand New Kitchen

A new kitchen can be daunting because there’s so much to consider – the style, material and colour of the cupboards, counter tops, splashback, and flooring. Not to mention the appliances, sink and your budget! Keep reading so we can break it down for you…

Cupboard Doors

The first thing you’ll usually decide on is the style and colour scheme of the kitchen, and there’s no better place to start than with the type of cupboard door that you’d like in your kitchen. It sounds simple, but Sheraton offers a plethora of styles, colours and handles.

If your budget doesn't stretch that far, however, Sheraton’s sister company, English Rose, is just as beautiful and offers a similar, yet slightly smaller, range of styles, colour and handles. The only difference is that English Rose comes flat packed and ready to assemble, while Sheraton is delivered rigid. Take a look at some of the examples below!

English Rose Concept Painted Oyster

Sheraton Sterling Painted indigo Blue and Light Grey

English Rose Contemporary White Oak


Naturally, the aspect you’ll probably think of next is kitchen worktops and splashbacks, since these tend to be the kitchen’s visual centrepiece.  These will be the objects most susceptible to getting splattered and greasy in the kitchen, so finding a suitable worktop for you is crucial.

At Sydenhams, we offer worktops from Cosentino, Sheraton and Bushboard. We sell 3 of Cosentino’s brands – Silestone, Dekton and Sensa – which leaves you with a huge selection that caters to almost any design, bringing colour and texture to your kitchen. While each Cosentino brand offers tonnes of colours and designs, the materials are what makes them different from each other: Silestone worktops are made from minerals and recycled materials; while Dekton comprises porcelain, glass and quartz; and finally, Sensa is a granite and quartzite surface with stain-resistant protection. These worktops are great as you can install a matching splashback which saves you the time and effort of having to find a coordinating splashback and worktop.

As well as Cosentino, Bushboard is also a popular supplier of worktops, but we’re going to talk more about Bushboard’s range of splashbacks in the next section…

Dekton Taga Stonika by Cosentino in our Bournemouth Showroom

Sensa by Cosentino


Silestone Eternal Series by Cosentino


Bushboard offers an assortment of splashbacks to coordinate and contrast with your worktop. These stunning and bold patterns are a perfect statement piece for any kitchen and will impress any guest.
Southern Counties Glass is another supplier of some stunning splashbacks, with images of beaches, forests or the sunset placed right on your kitchen wall. Don’t pretend you don’t love them!

Bushboard Alloy Casablanca

Southern Counties Glass Shivakashi Granite Moonlit Night

Southern Counties Glass Savenake Forest

Sink and Tap

The sink is just as aesthetically important as the other features in a kitchen, so it’s not to be forgotten about! You first need to decide what kind of sink you want – Blanco, Caple, and Clearwater offer a selection of granite, ceramic and stainless steel sinks, which are all beneficial depending on what you’re looking for. Easy-to-clean granite sinks are an extremely attractive focal point to any contemporary kitchen and are resistant to cracks and dirt. Guess what – Clearwater’s granite sinks are so hardy that even shooting a bullet at one won’t scratch it. Don’t believe us? Check this out!

On the other hand, ceramic sinks are perfect for a traditional-style kitchen, as well as being resistant to scratches, and heat-resistant to dishes and cookware straight from the oven. They’re also made from the most hygienic possible material for sinks as ceramic glass is non-porous. Lastly, due to the durable nature of stainless steel sinks and their flexibility to suit any kind of kitchen, they are often a popular choice.

There’s an even bigger selection of taps to choose from – traditional, single control, dual control, coloured taps and even Quooker’s boiling water taps. These taps are the next best thing in technology and are super quick and energy efficient. Imagine tea on tap!

Although they briefly went out of fashion, waste disposal units are back and better than ever! Caple sells waste disposal units to be fitted underneath the sink which grind up food to allow it to pass through the plumbing system – a great way to reduce waste in your household.

Caple Traditional Dual Control Tap in Antique Brass


Blanco Belfast Ceramic Sink

Quooker Classic Nordic Round Polished Chrome


Deck your kitchen out with the latest technological advancements in kitchenware, from Quooker taps to NEFF’s remote ovens, the world is at your fingertips. We have hobs, ovens and extractor fans to suit every cooking technique you can imagine, from a range of suppliers, such as NEFF, Miele and Rangemaster.

NEFF Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation System

Rangemaster Nexus Steam 110 Dual Fuel

Miele K 2802 Vi MasterCool Refrigerator

If you like the sound of any of these kitchen items, we are here to help! Please get in contact with your local showroom for more information. Don't forget that we also offer a kitchen design service free of charge.


The above article was published on 9th September 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.