Top 6 Kitchen Trends in 2021! 

New Year, means new trends and oh, how we love keeping you all inspired. Whether you’re looking to revamp your Kitchen or you just love keeping up to date with the latest interior trends, we’ve collated the most popular Kitchen trends you’ll see happening in 2021!


Instant Boiling Water:

Let’s kick it off with a favourite trend of ours that’ll take away your need for a kettle – Boiling water on demand!

There’s nothing wrong with the beloved kettle, it has done us all well over the many years but they can sometimes take what feels like forever to boil.

A lot more of us are working from our homes now and having instant boiling water would be a god send when you’ve got 2 minutes to make a tea or coffee until your next virtual meeting.

With the Quooker tap, you've got an option for filtered cold & sparkling water as well as boiling & hot with finishes from brass, chrome, matt black and gold, giving you everything you could need in one tap – get in touch with your local showroom here to find out more!
Handle-less Units:

Say goodbye to handles on your Kitchen units, because who needs them? In 2021 you’ll find handle-less units and cupboards are already becoming a popular Kitchen design. This trend would be perfect if you wanted to create a storage wall.

2021 is all about seamless, free-flowing designs and with handle-less wall or base units, it means you can have that sleek finish whilst staying practical.

You can opt for push-open or if you’d still prefer a hidden handle to use, then you’d want to go for an inset design. If you’re a lover for the minimalist look, then this is the trend for you!

Standout Sinks:

We use them every day and yet Kitchen sinks are only just becoming more and more of an important design decision for your space that can elevate how it looks overall, so why not make a statement?

You’ll find bold brass, cool champagne, or matt black finishes coming through in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Your tap & sink could become the most eye-catching element to your Kitchen and if you pair your Kitchen units and your statement sink with similar finishes your design will stay sleek and seamless all the way through!

Hidden extra storage:

Back in the day, pantries and larders were found in almost every Kitchen and now the modern day version is on the rise and could be the perfect hidden storage your home needs.

If you’ve got kids to look after, then you’ll find this trend incredibly handy to keep things looking clear. You’ll be able to easily, open up the door and just shove it in, we mean, find a clear space for it without it clogging up your worktops and sides!

Allow this trend to add simplicity to your design and you know what they say, clear Kitchen, clear mind…or something like that…
Green, green, green:

Now, usually it’s all about Blue for Kitchen design and obviously we love the colour Blue here at Sydenhams, but 2021 is the year for Green Kitchens!

Green symbolises nature and the natural world, and after the year we’ve had of staying mostly indoors, I think we could all use a bit of outdoor energy incorporated within your interiors.

This new style will be seen on cabinets and Kitchen units mostly, allowing you to add that pop of colour without it invading your whole space.

If you’re going for a lighter colour scheme then having a dark, deep green could be that ideal heavier hue to add depth to your design or if you’re having a darker colour scheme you could try go for a lighter green to add that pop of colour.

Statement surfaces:

Experimenting with your worktop design can be not only fun but what pushes your Kitchen over the edge with so many new worktops being brought out using many different elements and design. Quartz and Marble texture worktops are taking centre stage throughout 2021 giving us those luxurious vibes.

You could go for actual Marble if you want the real deal, however being quite a porous material, you’ll find it isn’t completely impermeable meaning it’s likely to become stained.

However, if you want the marble look without the hassle, why not try Cosentino worktops?

Silestone by Cosentino is a luxury worktop range created using a compound made up of 90% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient and the perfect choice for your surfaces! With different tones, styles and finishes to choose from within this range, you’ll be able to find that perfect Kitchen worktop you’ve always wanted.

If any of these trends have caught your eye and you’re now picturing your dreamy new Kitchen, then get in touch with us as we can help you bring any one of these trends to life in your home.

We’ve got 7 state-of-the-art showrooms across the South that you can get in touch with to start discussing your new Kitchen – find your local here!

The above article was published on 22nd of January 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.