Slate Tormenta

Slate has always been a popular choice as a natural stone patio paving.

Unlike natural slate which has a tendency to change its colour over time as it weathers, Pavestone Slate Tormenta Hybrid Concrete Paving will retain its as-new colour throughout its lifetime.
Although looking like traditional slate, these paving slabs are almost impervious to rainwater, making them exceptionally frost resistant. A wide variety of face prints combined with the uniformity and strength of a concrete paving tile, allows the creation of a beautiful natural looking and affordable patio.
Available in Slate Tormenta.
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Suitability: Outdoors
Material: Hybrid Concrete
Finish: Straight Edge
Delivery: Single Size Crate
Sizes (mm) 600 x 600
No./m2 2.78
No./ pallet 26
Slate Tormenta
  • Frost-resistant
  • Algae and moss resistant
  • Efflorescence free
  • Stain resistant 
  • Easy clean      
Slate Tormenta