Classic Sandstone

Sandstone is a natural stone paving produced from sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago which can be processed by stone masons to create a number of finishes to complement all garden architectures.

Part of the character of sandstone paving is that no two stones are coloured the same, however, when combined they create a rich tapestry of colour to make a beautiful overall hue.

Seasonal changes also bring differing perspectives to the reflected colours of the stone. In strong summer sunlight a sandstone patio will appear to have less colour variation, whilst after rain the colours will be of deep patina.
Classic Sandstone is available in 7 colour types.
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NB: With Natural Stone Products, it is always advisable to view the stone prior to purchasing to fully appreciate the diversity of colours in each range.
Suitability: Outdoors
Material: Natural
Finish: Fettled Edge, Riven Surface
Delivery: Single Size Crate*, Contractor Pack*
* Selected types only
Thickness: 17-22mm


900 x 600
Qty 17
600 x 600
Qty 17
600 x 290
Qty 18
290 x 290
Qty 19
Total 71 Pieces
Coverage: 20.70m2*

* Based on jointing gap of 7-14mm

Paving types available in Contractor Pack 1: Raj Blend, Light Grey, Golden Fossil, Buff, Heather Blend & Old Black.


900 x 600
600 x 600
600 x 290
290 x 290
No./m2 1.83
5.61 11.49
No./crate 35
100 150

Paving types available in Single Size Crate: Raj Blend, Light Grey, Golden Fossil & Buff.