Slate fully encapsulates the timeless beauty and character of a bygone age.

Its smooth riven surface makes it an ideal base for garden furniture while the flowing black and grey tones of the Brazilian Rio range provide a contemporary and rustic aesthetic.
Slate also looks fantastic when used inside the home as a floor covering.
Suitability: Outdoors & Indoors
Material: Natural
Finish: Sawn Straight Edge, Light Riven Surface
Delivery: Contactor Pack & Single Size Crate
Paving Thickness: 20mm
Contact your local branch for more information and ordering options.
NB: With Natural Stone Products, it is always advisable to view the stone prior to purchasing to fully appreciate the diversity of colours in each range.
Brazilian Rio Slate
Brazilian Rio Slate Swatch


900 x 600
Qty 10
600 x 600
Qty 16
600 x 295
Qty 16
Total 42 Pieces
Coverage: 14.44m2*

*based on jointing gap of 10-14mm

Brazilian Rio
900x600 600x600 600x295
No./m2 1.83 2.73 5.52
No./crate 40 40 100