Tudor Cobble

Tudor Cobbles complement perfectly the Tudor Antique paving range and are particularly suitable for paving courtyards and terraces where a smaller size paving creates a better aspect ratio.

Because these hand crafted cobbles are extremely durable, they are also ideal for creating stunning driveways, often designed to run seamlessly into a Tudor Antique paved area.
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NB: With Natural Stone Products, it is always advisable to view the stone prior to purchasing to fully appreciate the diversity of colours in each range.
Suitability: Outdoors
Material: Natural
Finish: Fettled Edge, Time-worn Surface
Delivery: Contactor Pack
Paving Thickness: 30-45mm
Tudor Cobble - Denby
Tudor Cobble - Cambridge



Tudor Cobble Denby


Tudor Cobble Oxford

Contractor Pack Sizes

400 x 300
Qty 41
300 x 200
Qty 38
200 x 200
Qty 57
200 x 150
Qty 41
Total 177 Pieces
Coverage: 11.47m2*

*Based on a jointing gap of 7 - 14mm