BBQ & Patio Gas

You've come to the correct place if you need a new LPG gas cylinder, a refill, or if you have an empty bottle that you want to give back to us.

Our Abingdon and Tidworth branches are all able to help you with new, refills or empty Calor gas bottles you wish to give back. 

We have a range of gas thats perfect for use in Camping, BBQ's or Heating whether its in a domestic or commercial application we can help.

Gas | Bottled Gas

Butane Bottled Gas

Available in both 7kg & 15kg, these are perfect for using to fuel indoor portable heaters and cooking stoves. 
The 7kg bottle will allow 18 hours cooking with 2 burners, and 23 hours of heating with 1 burner.
The larger 15kg bottle will allow 32 hours of cooking using 2 burners or 43 hours of heating using 1 burner. 
Butane Gas Cylinders

Propane Bottled Gas

With 3 sizes in the propane gas bottles, we have something for everything.

The 6kg is ideal for fuelling heating and cooking in your caravan or motorhome.

The 13kg is perfect for light commercial use, such as heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans.

Finally the largest 47kg Propane gas bottle has a wide range of uses including home energy supply for people who do not have the space for an LPG tank. It is the perfect solution for outdoor and light commercial use. They can also be used for commercial heating and drying.

Propane Gas Cylinders

Patio Bottled Gas

The 5 kg and 13 kg Patio (propane) gas bottles are both offered. For small and medium BBQs (3 burners or less), pizza ovens, and tabletop heaters, the 5 kg is the ideal option. This gas bottle has been designed to be portable, lightweight, and simple to store.

The larger 13kg is perfect for large BBQs with four or more burners and patio heaters.

Patio Gas Cylinders