GeoCeramica® Fiordi 

Inspired by nature, the GeoCeramica range of porcelain paving harnesses the true beauty of natural stone whilst adding the benefits of modern porcelain paving.

This paving is a beautiful porcelain surface slab which is permanently and inseparably bonded to a cementitious slab giving the contemporary look and benefits of porcelain paving but the installation ease of concrete flags.
A textured and variegated surface, inspired by natural sandstone, Fiordi is available in a 60mm thickness - perfect for driveways or garden paving, a 40mm thickness for garden paving or a 10mm thickness (porcelain only), for garden detailing or internal flooring. The unique surface gives an aesthetic of light and shade effects to your paving like no other, and it will retain its premium finish for years to come. 
Fiordi is available in three colourways, so please contact your local branch for more information and ordering options. 

GeoCeramica® Fiordi Sand



GeoCeramica® Fiordi Fumo


GeoCeramica® Fiordi Grigo


GeoCeramica® Fiordi Sand


Single Size Pack
Size (mm) 600 x 600 600 x 600 600 x 600
Thickness (mm) 60* 40* 10*
No./m2 2.78 2.78 2.78
No./pack 19 28 6
m2/pack 6.84 10.08 2.16

*60mm suitable for driveways & garden paving, 40mm suitable for garden paving, 10mm suitable for internal flooring & garden detailing