Here at Sydenhams, we have a number of branches that are able to supply quality turf to our customers - be it a small project in your garden or landscaping a large commercial area - Sydenhams are able to supply and offer premium turf for both. 

Our turf is supplied by Rolawn, who are Europe’s largest producer of cultivated turf, and also recognised as a supplier of high quality sustainable soft landscaping products, including topsoils, mulches, barks and composts. 
The Rolawn brand is the recognised benchmark of quality and service, achieved through a commitment to advanced production processes, innovation and attention to detail in all areas for over 40 years - and here at Sydenhams, we strive to offer the best quality product to our customers.
We have a turf coolers at our Southampton and Salisbury branches as its important to us that the product is kept fresh and at its best so its ready to lay when you receive it.

Please see below for our products, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.