Rolawn Medallion Turf

Rolawn Medallion Turf is a multi-purpose, high quality turf, specially cultivated to produce a lawn with an outstanding, fine leafed appearance that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought tolerant. 

  • Looks outstanding on the day it is laid and with the correct care and maintenance will keep its appearance for years to come.
  • Light, easy to lay and establishes itself rapidly, making it the first choice of professional landscapers.
  • Ideal where a high quality appearance, strength and low maintenance are important.
  • Available throughout the year and can be laid at any time except in frosty weather.
  • Turf must be rolled out immediately in Spring/Summer and within 24 hours of delivery in the Autumn/Winter.
  • Rolawn make strenuous efforts to minimise the existence of Annual Meadow Grass (AMG) within its turf, however under certain circumstances some rolls may have a higher content than others. AMG may become more evident in a lawn dependent on the seasons, onsite growing conditions and maintenance employed.
  • Typical dimensions, when harvested - 1m2 = 610mm width x 1640mm length x 12.5mm height (24"x 64.5" x 0.5").
  • May contain Oxygrid™ degradable netting.
  • Approximate roll weight - 15kg.