Why Timber Frame? 

So, why build with Timber Frame?
Timber frame has multiple advantages over other forms of buildings.
Eco Friendly Design
Timber is a renewable resource, unlike masonry and steel construction, timber can regrow and replaces itself over time.
But what about the Rainforest?
All Timber within our designs comes from PFC or PEFC chain of custody forests*. This means that for every tree grown, 3 or more are planted in its place. No timber in our factory ever comes from rainforests. In addition to this timber is also one of the few building products which contains sequestered carbon. Carbon sequestration is the removal and storage of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. This means a standard* house can hold 8 tonnes of C02 just by using timber frame construction.
*Standard House sizes vary and could hold more or less carbon depending on size and design.
*COC only has to be 70% from renewable sources
Speed of Construction
As the timber frame is constructed off site, a house could be up and water tight in under a week. Saving vital costs on site works and labour. In addition to this, once the ‘Dry Shell’ is up internal works can commence while the external cladding is still being erected. There’s more… with the option of factory fitted insulation you can save further time as the walls will be pre-insulated. We also offer the option of floor cassettes which can save even more time.

Timber frame construction is far more flexible than other forms of construction. We currently offer over 20 different External wall types to best suit your design and cost constraints. They can reach U-Values of less than 0.1 and we are adding new construction types all the time. We offer systems which meet the net 0 ethos and passive house construction.

Specialist Structural Engineering

Timber Frame is specially engineered to be as economical as possible. Taking a timber first approach, we can usually design without Steel, however if steel is required it is designed in house by our Designers.

With all these benefits how much does it cost?
Timber Frame usually works out a lot cheaper than more traditional forms of construction when looking at a material point of view. If you add this to the cost saving of labour onsite and build speed. You can quickly see the cost benefits of using Timber Frame.
Don’t they just look like big sheds?
Not at all! Although you can use shiplap or cedar or other form of direct fix cladding you can also have brick or block external cladding. From the outside you won’t be able to tell the building is timber frame.
What if I want to extend?

Building an extension on an existing timber frame is no different than any other building. In reality it is often easier as all our designs are stored digitally, we can see where loadbearing walls are on our previous projects and know precise stud locations. Even if this information is not available, due to the light weight nature of the type of building it is often easier to put in beams to create new openings than traditional builds.

For more information about our Timber Frame Buildings then contact our Newport Timber Engineering branch.