Trussed Rafters

Sydenhams Timber Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of trussed and alternative roof solutions to meet your requirements.

Whether you require a new build, extension, garage, or self-build, Sydenhams can provide a Truss Rafter service to suit all your needs – please see below some of the different designs we can offer. Any size any shape we can achieve it.

Standard Trusses

Using the latest truss design software most designs can be completed using a web designed truss, in simple terms the truss is comprised of a series of horizontal, vertical and angled timbers to create triangulation as shown in the example to the right, typically a roof of this design can be produced within days.

Standard Roof Truss

Attic Trusses

By their definition Attic Trusses are designed to enable usable space within a roof, this could be for example, an additional bedroom or for storage. Using our design software, we can look at maximising your space to provide that extra room or vital storage. We can also design the bottom cord to use Metal Web Joists to make routing services easier. Typically, an Attic Trussed roof can be designed and manufactured within a week.

Attic Truss

Raised Tie / Scissor Roofs Trusses

If head room is an issue or overall dwelling height is a planning consideration then we can design your trusses to overcome these problems, using a Raised Tie Truss we can provide additional headroom as shown in the first drawing below, or alternatively we can design in a Scissor Truss to gain headroom.

If you would like a quotation then it’s as simple as sending us your drawings and we can then produce you a quote including calculations and layout drawings. Once your order has been placed, we can also offer you an on-site measuring service if this is something you require.

Raised Tie / Scissor Roofs Truss

Dormer Windows

We can produce Dormer windows with spandrel panels, gable ladders and valley set to complete the entire roof structure.

Dormer Windows

Any Other Shape?

Roof Trusses don’t have to be limited to pitched roofs. We have made curved roofs, flat roofs which incorporate parapet walls and even domed roofs out of trusses.

So please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Curved Trusses