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Q. How much does a timber frame building cost in comparison with brick and block construction?

A. National Audit Office (NAO) report published in late-2005 confirmed that timber frame construction costs less than traditional brick and block construction, requires less on site labour days and offers efficiency benefits.

Q. What areas of the market do you operate in?

A. In addition to the service that we provide to the individual house builder we are also active in Private Housing, Social Housing, Key Worker and Student accommodation, and the Hotel and Leisure Industry.

Q.  Are there any limitations with the building design if I choose to use timber frame?

A. Absolutely not – If it can be built in brick and block it can be built in timber frame.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. We provide a full design, manufacture, supply and erect of our timber frame dry shell package in either traditional or cassette form. We also are able to offer free advice on design solutions to achieve specific requirements

Q.  How much detail do you need to provide a Timber frame Quotation?

A. We generally only require a planning drawing to provide a quote, but it would be very useful if the client questionnaire could be filled in and sent with the drawing to enable greater accuracy and known costs.

Q. How long does it take to prepare a timber frame quotation?

A. This largely depends on current work load and the size of the project, it could take anytime from 1-4 weeks. (contact us for guidance)

Q. How long will it take for the timber frame kit to arrive on site from date of order?

A. This again depends on work load and size of project and could range from 3-8 weeks (contact us for guidance)

Q. Do you supply roof trusses?

A. Yes in addition to the timber frame we also provide a design and manufacture service just for roof trusses.

Q. Do you have standard designs?

A. No we tend to work from Architects plans. However we do have books of numerous house designs and we would be more than happy to advise/send copies of various designs if required.

Q. Do you offer supply and erect?

A. Yes, in fact we would prefer to use our own erectors who know our product and are used to the high standards that we expect and are also familiar with our Health and Safety policy.  

Q. How do I fix cupboards, shelves etc to walls?

A. There are numerous types of plasterboard fixings available which are more than adequate for general fixing, however if a particularly heavy wall unit needs it, supporting noggings can be strategically placed in the timber frame panels to allow for increased fixing. Alternatively high impact/density boarding could be used on the wall in lieu of plasterboard. It may also be sensible to point out that if you build in brick and block the majority of internal walls will be stud partitioning and will therefore require the same fixings.

Q. What sort of guarantee do I get with my timber frame building?

A. Our designs are checked by an Independent Structural Engineer and a full set of structural design calculations and truss calculations are supplied with every project which are in accordance with the relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice. A NHBC Certificate for timber frame dwellings is also provided for each individual unit.