Our Quality Control Policy

At Sydenhams Timber Engineering we believe that every sale is worth achieving and worth doing it well. That with our experience, products and talent we provide our customers with exceptional sustainable timber engineering systems and services.

It is the intention of Sydenhams Timber Engineering to deliver its business commitments and contractual obligations with efficiency and integrity, with the objective of continuously improving company performance and the standard of service to the benefit of our clients and staff.

To ensure customer satisfaction we aim to provide products and services that:

  • Exceeds customers’ expectations
  • Constantly improve our products
  • Reduce customer issues each year
  • Achieve a consistent sales growth
Timber Engineering - Quality Control

The Staff will meet these objectives by:

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing errors and defects
  • Enhancing our reputation for our commitment to quality
  • Giving honest answers
  • Sorting out problems quickly and making sure they don’t occur again
  • Not making excuses
  • Complying with all legal and statutory requirements
  • Constantly reviewing and improving what we do
  • Informing and looking after our staff and growing our own talent

The directors and all staff are committed to establish, maintain, constantly review and improve our ISO 9001:2015, Frame Mark and STA management systems and keep our commitments to our customers and satisfy applicable requirements.

Contracts are undertaken from first enquiry to completion in a manner that establishes and maintains a standard of workmanship and quality consistent with the requirements of our clients. All staff are encouraged to maintain high standards of work by all in their supervision as an integral part of good management practice.

All our management procedures are in line with ISO9001 to ensure our quality management systems are adhered to.

Sydenhams are members of the Structural Timber Association, the UK's leading organisation representing the structural timber sector. The STA's objective is to drive quality and product innovation, so it makes us very proud to be able to call ourselves a member. For more information you can visit the STA's website here.

As well as being members of the STA, we are also certified for Trusses and Joists under TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association), and by the Cat-G Frame mark for panels. More details of these can be found on our accreditations page.