American White Oak

American Ash FAS grade 

Kiln Dried

Generally supplied between 10 – 14% moisture content.


Square edge

All boards have had all wane machined off.


100mm and wider up to about 400mm supplied random width (250mm and wider boards are stocked in larger quantities).

Thickness available

From stock – 26, 32, 38, 51, 65 & 76mm


From 2 metres and longer up to about 4.9 metres.


Colour of heartwood varies from pale Yellow-Brown to biscuit with a Pinkish tint, sapwood is nearly white. Straight grained, medium to coarse texture.


  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Interior joinery
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Skirting & Architrave
  • Stairs

Working properties

  • Good for machining but has a tendency to chip and split
  • Pre bore for nails and screws
  • Good steam bending
  • Glues statisfactorily
  • Glues well
  • Moderate movement in service

Physical properties

  • Hard, heavy and strong
  • Medium bending & crushing strength
  • Low stiffness


  • Non-durable
American White Oak
American White Oak