Planed Square Edge

At Sydenhams, we can supply an extensive range of Plane Square Edge (PSE) sizes from our 2 main milling facilities in Glastonbury and Wickham.

The timber is selected into grades by the quality of each piece and then packaged in the country of origin. Most Joinery comes from Scandinavia, with a selected range from Europe.
Planed Square Edge
We put all our efforts towards sourcing our Joinery from well-managed forests, which are certified by FSC® and PEFC. 
All Sydenhams PSE can be machined or moulded to our stock profiles but can also be machined to your required profiles upon request.
Below you will see the sizes of PSE usually stocked by Sydenhams, if you require a size different to a normal stock size, please call into your local branch and we will be happy to quote for your required size.
Whitewood is imported for door linings and in wider sections for stairs. At Sydenhams, upon request, we can also supply specialist door lining sizes (with or without door stops) already primed.

Door Linings

We also stock PSE in door lining kits, available with or without stops, to suit 27" or 30" doors.

Product Description

Width Between 25mm and 225mm
Thickness Between 12.5mm and 100mm
Lengths 1.5m upto 5.4m
(Subject to branch availability and size)
Treatment Non-Treated from stock
Treated PSE to order only
Finish Planed all four sides
Grade 5th Grade from stock
Unsorted Joinery (available to order)
6th Grade (available to order)
Uses Joinery
Cabinet Making
Door Linings
Door Stop
Door Frame
Loft Board

Stock Sizes available 

Please note the below are nominal sizes.

19mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 100mm
25mm x x
38mm x x x x
50mm x x x x x
63mm x x
75mm x x x x x x x
100mm x x x x x x x x
115mm x x
125mm x x x x x x x
138mm x x
150mm x x x x x x x
175mm x x x x
200mm x x x x
225mm x x x x
250mm x x x
275mm x x x

Unsorted Joinery (Premium Grade)

This is the best quality Joinery timber, where the lower grades have been removed (sorted). Unsorted Joinery is mainly used where the visible finish is of paramount importance, such as doors, windows or stairs. Unsorted is also used for skirtings, architraves and other internal mouldings when a high quality finish is essential.
Unsorted Joinery has a low knot content, straight grain and a smooth finish.

5th Grade (Standard Grade)

This is the next grade, a more multi purpose grade, which has a huge variety of uses. 5th Grade is typically used for cladding, flooring, skirting, architraves, dado rails and many others.
5th Grade Joinery still maintains the smooth finish of unsorted but has a slightly higher knot content.

6th Grade (Contract Grade)

The lowest grade that Sydenhams import which has larger knots and more defects. It is used for packaging materials and disposable pallets. 6th Grade can also be used for some claddings, and furniture manufacture where the defects add to the features of the furniture.
6th Grade Joinery has a higher knot content than unsorted, with the grain not always straight.