Timber Mouldings

It’s always the smallest details that can turn a good job into a great job.

Take a simple timber moulding, it can add interest to a plain surface, a design flourish that totally transforms a look, or adds character to a whole room (not to mention hiding gaps, rough edges or joins).
The good news is, Sydenhams has a huge variety to choose from including decorative, architectural and ornamental mouldings, all available from stock and naturally of the highest quality. So whether you just want a professional finish or a change of style, we’ll have what you’re looking for.
Timber Mouldings

Take a look at our Softwood Mouldings chart here or below you will see the styles of interior timber mouldings we stock, with a brief description of each category. Each branch will have in stock a vast array of timber mouldings ready for collection.


Product: Where to use:
Used on external and internal corners to hide minor errors and screw,fixings. Ideal to cover rough edges on worktops and shelves and where,two boards meet.
Architrave Please see our Skirting & Architrave page.
Cladding Please see our Cladding page.
Covers Traditionally used to cover the edge of sheet,material such as chipboard and blockboard, these mouldings are also,ideal for finishing trims. Perfect for adding a smooth edge to shelves,,worktops or cladding where cut or just in need of the finish.
Door Weather Mould
Door Weather Mould available in 50x75mm.
Handrail Stair Parts
Mopstick, Grooved Handrail and Wall Handrail available from stock.
Hockeys/Covers Perfect for adding a smooth edge and lip to shelves, worktops or,cladding. Great for edging and lipping man-made boards such as MDF.
Coving Used to conceal the join between the wall and ceiling and creating the,final touch of detail to a room. Using coving also softens the square,edge of rooms.
Dado Rail, Picture Rail
Dado rail and picture rail machined from unsorted PSE, available from stock in a variety of lengths.
Decorative Used as decorative trims or adding final details and finishing touches to walls, ceilings or even furniture.
Dowels Generally used to reinforce woodworking joints, as a rail, curtain pole, broom handle and great for plugging screw holes.
Glass Beads
Typically used to hold glass in place on windows and doors using different glass beads add the defining detail to any project.
Quadrants Used to bridge the gaps in internal corners. Ideal for covering,expansion gaps on wood flooring and between timber windows and window,sills.
Sash Windows
Glazing Bar, Bottom Rail, Sash Style and Ovolo Rail available from stock, for repairing or constructing new sash windows.
Scotia Decorative trims used to cover gaps and rough joins in internal corners.
Skirting Please see our Skirting & Architrave page.
Stripwood (PAR)
Straight, planed and square edged (on four sides), our strip wood is,versatile enough to be used for everything from support battens and,boxing in pipework to building a bathroom cupboard.
Windowboard MDF & Pine windowboard available in a variety of standard sizes.