Underground Drainage

Our underground drainage is supplied by FloPlast, one of the leading manufacturers of Plastic Building & Plumbing Systems in the UK.

Our underground drainage systems comply where applicable with the requirements of the following British Standards:
BS EN 1401 - 1: 2009 PVC-U
Underground Drainage Systems (SN4).
BS EN 13476-2: 2007
Structured Wall Piping System (SN8).
BS4660: 2000 PVC-U
Ancillary Items (Rodding Eyes, Access Fittings etc).
BS EN 124: 1994
Access Covers, Gratings and Frames.
BS EN 13598 - 1: 2010
Plastic Inspection Chamber for Drainage.
Underground Drainage, Floplast
Underground Drainage, Floplast
Underground Drainage System, Floplast

Our socketed underground pipe from FloPlast incorporates the latest blown end technology. The easy fit rubber seal is held in place by a circular plastic insert allowing a retention of the seal in transit and a perfect connection for jointing.

All push fit underground fittings have a captive seal and snap cap which are designed to be user-friendly with no sharp edges, and with space restrictions in mind, allow for an easy fit connection. The seal is double ribbed and the sockets incorporate a recessed area to provide space for the rubber to locate as the pipe is inserted, forming a high capacity pressure point.

Sydenhams stock a wide range of underground drainage products from FloPlast, which all integrate with our FloPlast above ground drainage systems:

  • 110mm pipes (incuding Plain End & Single Socket).
  • Pipe Couplings.
  • Single Socket Bends (available in a selection of different bends).
  • Double Socket Bends (available in a selection of different bends).
  • Large Radius Bends (available in a selection of different bends).
  • Equal Junctions (available in a selection of different bends).
  • Access Fittings (available in a selection of different bends).
  • Rodding Points.
  • Universal Traps.
  • Drainguards.
  • 110mm Non-return Valves.
  • Bottle Gully Traps.
  • Adaptors.
  • Drain Connectors.
  • Flexible Couplings, Connections and Adaptors.
  • Socket Plugs.
  • Large Inspection Chambers - 450mm Diameter (LIC).
  • Mini Access Chambers - 300mm Diameter (MAC).

Installation Video

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