Sydenhams offer a wide range of top quality nails from the industry's leading suppliers. No matter what type of nails you are after, we have a product to suit every job. Please come and see us at your local branch!


Below you can see a selection of nails we list:

  • Round Wire Nails – general purpose nails, most often used to secure floor and roof joists, partitions and heavy duty fencing, come in Bright or Galvanised finish.
  • Oval Brad Nails – used for general carpentry, door jambs, floor and skirting boards. Oval shank avoids splitting the wood when aligned with grain.
  • Lost Head Nails – ideal for all wall, ceiling, flooring and built in furnishing jobs where the small head of the nail can be easily punched below the surface and hidden. Available in Bright or Sherardised finish.
  • Annular Ring Nails – an annular ring has a thread on the shank for extra withdrawal resistance so they are best used where it is unlikely the nail will have to be removed at a later date. Can be used in fastening flooring sheets, MDF and plywood.
  • Panel Pins – used on lightweight and decorative jobs. Panel Pins come in Bright or Sherardised finish.
  • Veneer Pins – traditionally used in veneer work but can also be used for fixing mouldings.
  • Cut Clasp Nails – a traditional cut nail with a very strong grip, used for rough fixing of timber to brick or blockwork, particularly skirting boards or wooden door frames.
  • Square Twist Nails – for use with joist hangers and restraint straps, the twisted shank gives superior pull out resistance. They can also be used for external cladding and felt.
  • Clout Nails – popular large headed general purpose nails. The larger head stops any pull through on the material being fixed. Applications include securing roofing felt, wire fencing, and roofing slates. Also available as ELH option with extra large head making these ideal for fastening plastic sheeting and non-ridged roofing felt.
  • Galvanised Staples – used in fencing for fixing netting and fencing wire to wooden posts
  • Masonry Nails – hardened steel nails capable of being driven into masonry, concrete or brickwork, ideal for fixing wall batten, picture or dado rails.
  • Roofing Nails – available as Copper Clout Nails and Aluminium Clout Nails. Copper Clout Nails are generally used in roofing and marine applications and act as rust free fixing for use with tiles, natural roofing slates or lead. Aluminium Clout Nails are mainly used in the fixing of roofing tiles and slates. Manufactured using aluminium alloy gives the nails corrosion resistance of nearly 500 times that of Bright nails.
  • Collated Nails – for use with most gas powered first fix nail guns such as Paslode.